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Tracking the Patient Journey

Inspiring Efficiency


What is ?

Tracworx is a patient tracking system that creates a holistic patient journey, driving hospital efficiencies that resultsin an exceptional perioperative experience.

How does it work?

Our product is an intelligent wearable device that tracks both patient and equipment locations throughout the whole perioperativejourney. When this information is correlated with specific data to each individual case, it identifies trends and recordskey performance indicators of a theatre. This provides hospitals and staff instant data in a simple and easy to useapplication. The system can be used to demonstrate areas of inefficiencies, pinpoint where improvements can be madeand ultimately deliver better patient care.

Patient Tag

Patient Tags

Simple & comfortable devices

Phone view

Staff Mobile

Realtime notifications

Dashboard on Computer

Control Room

Holistic view of entire journey


Patient Benefits


Creates a better patient experience

Reduces wait times

Reduces cancellations

Staff Benefits


Improves communication

Increases productivity

Better equipment management

Admin Benefits


Increases efficiency

Reduces administration burden

Increases revenue

User Application

Meet the Team

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Chris Kelly

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Eoin O'Brien

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Fionn Barron


Advisory Board

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Dr. Tony Williams

PRV & EO Ireland
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Prof. Ita Richardson

ARCH & Lero
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John Leenane